Off The Beaten Path

I’ve been out to a sacred place

Down off the beaten path

I’m wearing a happier face

It’s a lovely aftermath


I was just a visitor

It’s my honor to describe

The place where I have been

Is of the Seminole Tribe


The city stress just left me

Right where the pavement ends

We traveled down a trail

That winds and curves and bends


We came upon a place

Beautiful and serene

A place that is the prettiest

Best place I’ve ever seen


Planted by the hand of God

Were waves of golden flowers

Taking it to heart

I was awestruck there for hours


We stayed there at the Deer Camp

By the home of many deer

In the woods so deep and thick

Some were always near


The air was warm and soft

And the sky was crystal blue

Like puffs of pure white cotton

The clouds enhanced the view


In a hut they call a chickee’

I was kissed by a gentle breeze

It called out to my spirit

It put my soul at ease


Food was cooked on an open fire

And water was drawn by hand

An extraordinary aura

Was there upon Seminole land


It’s like a place I dreamed

Where the children freely roam

A secluded, sacred place

A special kind of home


They spoke of old traditions

With respect for the old ways

It was like I had been granted

A tiny glimpse of bygone days


The time just floated by

And too soon we had to go

Time said we must return

To the life that we all know


But there remains an aftermath

Wearing a happier face

For I’ve been off the beaten path

Out to a sacred place…


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