When I’m Not Feeling Too Smart

I sing songs of love

Every day in my heart

When my mind will let me

When I’m not feeling too smart

It’s the songs of love

That keep me alive

The banner of love

Under which I survive

If only – and when

I can choose it so

The songs of love

Will let me go

They set me free

So my spirit flies

They keep me safe

From so many lies

I sing songs of love

For you, my dear

Right here where I am

Even though you’re not here

But I sing them also

To hold myself up

To make myself happy

To drink from this cup

A cup that is filled

With joy and peace

Allows an incredible

Sense of release

You only must choose it

In everyway

In all situations


Love is my God

And this I know

Whether anyone else

Thinks it is so

Love is so good

I will sing it again

Each day must begin

So each day will end

And you’ll rarely see me

Without a smile

Though tears can be good –

Sometimes for a while

But not for long

My loving friend

Because Love is forever

It has no end

Each new day

Is a new beginning

Life goes on

And I just keep grinning

Because I know a secret

And this much is true

Same for me

As it is for you

It’s not really a secret

Just a little trick

Works like a charm

Works real quick

You only must choose it

That’s all it is

It’s just that simple

Golly gee whiz!

It doesn’t cost you

A dime or a dollar

Not a lot of

Fuss and holler

Just stop thinking so much

And then open your heart

It’s really that easy

You don’t have to be smart

You don’t have to be handsome

Or pretty, or rich

You don’t have to fight

Or complain and bitch

You just turn around

Like flipping a switch

It’s up to you

And no one else

You can’t blame anyone

When you ignore it yourself

Which we all have done –

Fallen short of the glory

We all have our reasons

We all have a story

The condition of man

Is in the pit

Because we forget –

Simply to choose it

Choose to be happy

Chose to have hope

Like climbing a ladder

Or climbing a rope

You lift up your spirit

By an inner light

You’re no longer subject

To dread and fright

Your spirit will soar

Your spirit must fly

And when it comes

Your time to die

Your dust becomes

A part of the earth

Then death becomes

A new kind of birth

Not really a secret

But some folks don’t know it

Or if they do

They’re afraid to show it

But why should they be?

Why should anyone care?

The nerve to be happy!

Why, how could you dare?

But you could also –

If you only wanted

Forget the places

Your memory’s haunted

Choose the moment

Choose the now

And you too can be happy

You’ll see it somehow

Just sing songs of love

Everyday in your heart

When your mind will let you

When you’re not feeling too smart

It gives me courage

To live every new day

No matter what others do or say

So I tell it to you

With my trusty pen

And so I won’t forget it

Ever again.











































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