Scrub Top Service

So you don’t feel lonely when I am there

You can sit all day in your big easy chair

Tell me your tales and the victories you’ve won

Tell ‘em over and over; it’ll be fun


I know you’re good – yes, you’re a dear

I know all your family, all about your career

The stories, the faces and your routine at night

I know all of this to your delight


I pay attention to details, your face and your tone

That’s why when I’m here, you’re not so alone

Memories peppered with lack of recall

Your whims and your fancies, I know them all


But you really know very little of me

Nothing really, but what you see

Little more than just my name

And my appearance, which is always the same


The persona who sits here and shows you such care

Is partly created by what I wear

In my scrub top, I listen, and say, “As you wish”

And go to prepare your favorite dish


About myself I say hardly a word

Very little of me is ever heard

Just a servant here to take care of you

But I could be anybody, any old who


Just put on this top and do what I do –

Think not of yourself while in this role

Tender yourself to another soul

Witness the world taking its toll


I am nothing; I’m no one – just here to serve

Another’s life to enhance and preserve

It’s exhausting! I tell you at the end of my shift

My tired heart needs a lift


My tired body wants to lie down

And sleep like a rock till morning comes ‘round

Another day and I’ll go do it some more

The agency sent me; I’m at your front door.



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