The Good of Us

I’m glad for when we talk

And remember what was good

I guess we would have stayed

If we both thought that we could


You must have felt it too

A longing to be free

To unloose the wretched shackles

That kept you tied to me


Dear Love, for your forgiveness

For the road that we both took

I’ve written many songs

Enough to fill a book


But I wouldn’t trade a minute

Of that life that was so full

And deep within my heart

You’ve always had that pull


Some say our love was tainted

With a few unsavory deeds

And neither one is sainted

Each one with their own needs


But no one else will ever be

The greatest love you were to me

In that place within my heart

Where you and I shall never part


That’s a treasure that can not rust

I store my treasures where I must

And no decay or rot shall get

The good of us…I won’t forget…




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