Tomorrow May Be Different

There are times when I simply must

Stay home all day and cry

When sadness washes over me

And my eyes will not be dry


When the world is such a weary place

Though nothing’s really wrong

I haven’t any way to go

I hear a heavy song


Most days I can move past it

Or set it aside for a while

But there are times when I can not

Muster up a smile


Not only for the past

But for the future too

I cry out all my tears

For myself and yes, for you


For all the silly people

For the condition of mankind

For all the busy people

No solution they will find


There seems to be no answer

To the problems of this life

It’s such a troubled world

A struggle full of strife


On a day when such a sadness

Has somehow claimed her rule

I simply can’t go anywhere

I feel like a stupid fool


My mental state in question

I must cry to find relief

By the end of so much sobbing

I’ve cried out all my grief


At the end, I’m quite exhausted

And it hasn’t helped a thing

Except drained out the heavy song

That my heart will sometimes sing


And then if I am lucky

I’ll hear a happier tune

And if I listen carefully

I’ll be singing that way soon


It’s such a wicked world

All full of pain and sorrow

But there’s a rainbow somewhere

And there’s still hope for tomorrow


Today I will not worry

I’m okay for a while

Tomorrow may be different

But today I have a smile.









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