To Diffuse

Should I do all those things

That I should have done then

Or sit here and think about



Should I get up and around

And be moving about

Should I sit here quietly

Or get up and shout


Should I keep to myself

The dark tales of the past

Or tell it all

Tell it all at last


Should I listen to reason

Or throw caution aside

Should I keep my secrets

Or have nothing to hide


Why would anyone

Ever want to tell

The way they lived

In a self-made hell


No rather to tell

A tale to uplift

Than give the truth

As a rotten gift


So I write in poems

Then no one knows

How the true story

Actually goes


Sometimes I feel like

I’m about to explode

I have to put down

My heavy load


So I tell a tale

Of all colors and hues

If only for myself

To amuse –

A ticking bomb

Thereby to diffuse










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