The Fountain Of Gall

Gather ‘round, come one, come all

Step up to the fountain of bitter gall

We haven’t room for the pragmatic realist

Step aside for the romantic idealist

There’s plenty to drink for all of those fools

Step around the tears, puddled up there in pools

Make room for those souls to drink their fill

As they cough and choke on that bitter pill

As they think of those words their dear one said

And they lie alone at night in their bed

While their loved one lies in another’s arms

And another partakes of those desirable charms

If you believed in those songs that rang so true

Step up to the fountain; this drink is for you

If your hopes and dreams have been verily crushed

If your words of love must now be hushed

If your fire’s grown dim; you’re the walking dead

But you still hear the promises swirl in your head

Jump in with both feet – linger, abide

The fountain is big; it’s deep and wide

Drink it up, let no sip be small

Step into the fountain of bitter gall.


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