Cloudy Viewpoint

The cloudy viewpoint

Of a broken heart

That fell upon me

When we fell apart

We had our time

And it was good

And now it’s ended

As it should

You know it’s not a problem

You know I love you still

You know it’s not a problem

Cause you know I always will

You make your way

Where you gotta go

And leave me here

Think I don’t know

I know what’s up

And who you are

Wouldn’t have to go

Too far

Too far around

Around again

Make your way

Be gone Old Friend

We done.


All those other women, all those other nights

All those times they had all those awful fights

And yet she would be happier still

To give up and surrender her will

If only she thought the lie was the truth

Like she used to, back in her youth

But not any more, and so alas –

She could never quite surpass

Never wholly overcome

The pain was gone, but she was numb

There was that evil glint in his eyes

Peeking out through his disguise

Clever he was and clever he is

But she was never really his

And he never really belonged to her

And things remained as they always were

The pain is gone, but she is numb

You can see what she’s become

Walking around inside her head

Only half alive and sort of dead

She has no passion and nothing thrills her

And in the end, this is what kills her

I’ve Got Work To Do

I was trying to get rich when I ran out of money

It was kind of sad, but still kinda funny

Back to the books, back to school

It’s not too late, to keep your cool

There’s a long list of ‘maybe’s

And sweethearts and babies

And talk of things we would do

But we won’t cause somehow I knew

All that talking is cheap

Like words you can’t keep

And round the bend we go

With more and more I don’t know

I don’t know who you are

I don’t know where you’ve been

But I know I’m not going there again

Who ever you are is not who you were

It’s not enough to cause a stir

I’m not moved and I’ll not commit

It looks like it’s really just time to quit

Sweetie, go on, I’ve got work to do

Now move along and be off with you

A ‘maybe’ to me is the same as a ‘no’

So open the door baby, out you go!

I’d Rather Not

Doing things you’d rather not

Wanting things you haven’t got

Using all the tools you find

But there’s something else of a different kind

That makes you think you’ll lose your mind

It’s a tiny little slippery dart

That zips around inside your heart

And rest for you is hard to start

Because you have been torn apart

Deny it if you persistently will

Climb the ladder, climb the hill

Until you find you’ve had your fill

Then sing the songs that must be sung!

The truth is there at the tip of your tongue

Because you yourself have often thought

There are many things you were never taught

You had to learn it, learning still

Or all your life you always will

Be doing things you’d rather not

And wanting things you haven’t got

So now I’m doing things I’d rather do

Enjoying life, and how about you?

Where It All Went

It’s just couches and chairs

And passing cares

And things you never knew could happen

Doing your chores while they’re nappin’

Where is that time and just what was done?

Try to remember if you had any fun

Where is that man you thought was the one?

Don’t make them remember where it all went

Don’t ask those old folks how it was spent

What were you really trying to do

And who was it for, or was it just for you?

That’s why your stomach hurts.

A Poet’s Cup

You have a calling as a poet

It’s yours and you know it

“Don’t miss your calling”, Grandma would say

You turned your head and looked away

She had that sneaky weirdish wink

Like she tries to trick you, make you think

Leave me alone and go away

I’ll seek some calling some other day

I am lonely, but not afraid

I sleep in the bed that I have made

And as they say it is again

In the beginning, so in the end

Deny my calling? I shall not!

I’ve held on and it’s what I’ve got

How can I share it?

What would I say?

To help some others along the way

Keep the faith and don’t give up

You’ll find you drink from a poet’s cup.

How I Finally Won

I’m so excited

And delighted

I dare not hope for more

And yet I know I will

I was this

And I was that

But I swallowed that red pill

I was down

And I was low

I had no where else to go

Don’t hang your head

Lift up your chin

You keep going and you can win

Win what my dear –

A pile of gold?

No matter what, you still get old

Get old or die

So say goodbye

To those old ignorant ways

Blissful ignorance

That sweet blue pill

Actually made it all uphill

I just found out that life is fun

And that is how I finally won!

Scrub Top Service

So you don’t feel lonely when I am there

You can sit all day in your big easy chair

Tell me your tales and the victories you’ve won

Tell ‘em over and over; it’ll be fun


I know you’re good – yes, you’re a dear

I know all your family, all about your career

The stories, the faces and your routine at night

I know all of this to your delight


I pay attention to details, your face and your tone

That’s why when I’m here, you’re not so alone

Memories peppered with lack of recall

Your whims and your fancies, I know them all


But you really know very little of me

Nothing really, but what you see

Little more than just my name

And my appearance, which is always the same


The persona who sits here and shows you such care

Is partly created by what I wear

In my scrub top, I listen, and say, “As you wish”

And go to prepare your favorite dish


About myself I say hardly a word

Very little of me is ever heard

Just a servant here to take care of you

But I could be anybody, any old who


Just put on this top and do what I do –

Think not of yourself while in this role

Tender yourself to another soul

Witness the world taking its toll


I am nothing; I’m no one – just here to serve

Another’s life to enhance and preserve

It’s exhausting! I tell you at the end of my shift

My tired heart needs a lift


My tired body wants to lie down

And sleep like a rock till morning comes ‘round

Another day and I’ll go do it some more

The agency sent me; I’m at your front door.

Moody Red

If I didn’t have a place to be

I’d have stayed upon my bed

If I didn’t have to go to work

I wouldn’t lift my head

I’d stay here all day long

And call it Moody Red

Rain upon the window

Pain upon my heart

The days that I remember you

And how we fell apart

The place to be is here in bed

The state of mind is Moody Red

Tired and lonely, and yet

Longing too…

Longing for the likes of you

You in my dream, it’s you in my head

Can’t stay too long in Moody Red

Morning comes, the sun will rise

I’ll have to get up

I’ll open my eyes

I’ll put my feet o’er the side of the bed

And shake if off

That Moody Red

There Is A Man Who Tells Me

There’s a man who tells me –


The birds are singing just for you

He tells me that his love is true


There beside him on the bed

Upon his shoulder rests my head


He pulls me close and holds me tight

With him I feel my world is right


I can say that I would love him so

But there are things he’ll never know


Letting go of a darker past

Wanting love that just might last


In this moment, I quietly sigh

I get a feeling like I’m high


There’s a man who tells me –


That I’m no longer all alone

We spend hours on the phone


There’s a man who tells me –


That he dreams of me every night

This is the love for which he’d fight


And now I miss him very much

I miss the warmth of his touch


In all our plans, together we walk

How I enjoy the times we talk!


Should I believe him? Do I dare?

Believe that he would really care?


Yes, By George, I’ll take the leap!

This is the man I plan to keep!


Bless me Lord, I’m such a fool –

Flunking out of Heartache School


There is a man who tells me –

“You are my woman now.”