Passions In Hiding

There’s something here in hiding

That burns, then leaves me cold

Something here inside of me

That’s got me in its hold

When it’s flowing through me

Burning up my spine

I belong to this hunger

And it’s mine

I know it’s coming to me

It calls me off the shelf

As I answer to it

I’m a stranger to myself

Heat is shining richly

And there’s no one here but us

It’s the rhythm and the passion

The dawn and then the dusk

Do you know it with me, lover?

Are you a stranger to its beat?

Or is something burning in you?

And can you take the heat?

The aura weaves around us

It’s not calling us in vain

It shares us as it owns us

Drawing power from our pain

Do you know it, does it own you?

Yes, I’m with you, but I’m not

Cause I’ve been burned before

By something very hot

Something here in hiding

That burns, then leaves me cold

Something here inside of me

That’s got me in its hold.

Ours Is A Love

Ours is a love that’s been through the fire

It’s based on a thing called heart’s desire

We’ve been like enemies and yet we’re friends

Ours is a love that never ends

We’ve learned to manage, learned to cope

Learned to believe in a thing called hope

We’ve been to hell and back again

And like the willow, we’ve learned to bend

You’ve been hurt and so have I

Yet ours is a love that refuses to die.

Obstinate Memories

Obstinate memories, is what I’ve got

Obstinate memories, like it or not

Walking around, day after day

With obstinate memories that won’t go away

Oh, I’ve tried to forget a lot of things

Tried to block what memory brings

Sometimes I even get the hives

A special alert that my psyche contrives

To let me know it’s time to say

No, I’m really not okay

The obstinate memories won’t go away

I can set them aside for a little while

And smell the roses, take time to smile

And try to have the attitude

To enjoy a brief interlude

Of something good, now, today

So that obstinate memories are held at bay

Not Released

I feel like a prisoner of war

Remembering the days before

The easy love, when I knew you were mine

The days before we crossed the line

Oh my darling, how much we have cried

But still, my love, it hasn’t died

In the heart of a prisoner the love survives

I feel like I’ve lived a thousand lives

Waiting and hoping that things will change

My thoughts and priorities, I rearrange

The war is over, the shelling ceased

And still my heart is not released

Still locked up inside a cage

Still fearful of the dreadful rage

And you, my love, still hold the key

You’re still the only one for me

I serve my time as a prisoner of war

And keep my eyes on the other shore

Past the sorrow on the other side

I think is where the answers hide

Somehow, I know, I’ll find the key

And have the love that’s meant for me

Marked for life as a victim of lust

I have learned that life is just

Just the way it has to be

And that is what will set us free

I hope and pray the future’s bright

Love makes everything all right

But writing in my lonely cell

I testify that war is hell

I feel like a prisoner of war

Remembering the days before…

No More, No more

It was like I walked through Hell

But as far as I can tell

The ghost from the past

Is gone at last

And he won’t be back…no more, no more

He won’t be back…no more


I was alone by the light of the moon

When I heard that mournful tune

A song from the past

That’s gone at last

And it won’t be back…no more, no more

It won’t be back…no more


It was quite a long time this time

Since I had made such a climb

The fear that I’ve known

Has finally flown

And it won’t be back…no more, no more

It won’t be back…no more


It was quite a treacherous road

And I carried a heavy load

And yes, it was tough

Painful enough

And I won’t go back…no more, no more

I won’t go back…no more!

My Mother Left

My mother left one sunny day

She closed her eyes and went away

In great sorrow I hung my head

Shrouded in anguish

For she was dead

Dark and brooding, my pain was deep

At night I cried myself to sleep

Knowing she was gone from me

Never again for me to see

Full of grief and very sad

Now at God, I was mad

Upon my bed I lay weeping

Until at last I was sleeping

Then through the window, beside my bed

I saw her there, she wasn’t dead

She was there to visit me –

Big as life for me to see

She wrapped me in a warm embrace

I was so glad to see her face

We laughed, we cried

She hadn’t died!

Often now, she visits me

I am happy, I can see

A mother’s love will live forever

Not really gone, no not ever.

Meet Me On Sanibel Island

Meet me on Sanibel Island –

I go there with you in my dreams

Nothing goes wrong when we’re there, my love

Or so that’s the way that it seems…


Delicious warm waves wash over us

In such a wonderful way

We feed ourselves on happiness

And do as we please all day


I lay in your arms with satisfied sleep

Nothing so good as a dream to keep

Promise to stay forever, I’ll promise the same to you

Never awaken the dreamer, let the dreams come true!


Oh, meet me on Sanibel Island –

I go there with you in my dreams

Nothing goes wrong when we’re there, my love

Or so that’s the way that it seems…

Maybe They Lied

Have you heard of notorious Jean?

She made herself a Queen

The stories she told

Made her seem very bold

And words were her very best jewels

For she followed her own set of rules

Her crown was slightly askew

Offset by her eyes, royal blue

And a suitor or two

Well, quite a few

Had offered to set her straight

But she never took the bait

“I like it this way,”

Is what she would say

And thank them politely indeed

But she never let them lead

She was Queen of her very own land

Which she ruled with a wave of her hand

She found her power

In her darkest hour

For her realm was imagination

Have you heard of her indignation?

Well, Notorious Jean was said to be mean

But also known to be kind

Some say she lost her mind

Some say she died

Maybe they lied

God save the Queen

Notorious Jean

Queen of a fantasy nation

Queen of imagination.

Maybe Then My Love

When the sun comes up in the morning

I think I hear you call my name

I remember things are different now

They’ll never be the same

I haven’t been with you, my love

In such a long, long while

I’m afraid that we forgot

The way we used to smile

You keep me waiting, darling

Till the very ends of Earth

And somehow we have failed to see

What love is really worth

I wish that we had loved for good

The way it ought to be

The way that love is given, dear

You know, it should be free

So many things in life today

Have such an awful price

And when you have to earn your love

You know it isn’t nice

So if you ever think of me

If I should cross your mind

Remember that I loved you

Please don’t be unkind

And if you choose to seek me

Beware of my disguise

Though you could always find me

Just by looking in my eyes

Now go away, don’t bother me

With things that matter none

‘Cause being oh so angry

Isn’t how the peace is won

Meet me on a level plane

And I’ll consider you

But if you don’t respect me

Then Baby we are through

Might see you ’round the pool hall

I can prob’ly find you there

And if you’d ever listen

I’d tell you that I care

I’d really like to meet you

But the river is so wide

It’s full of all the tears, you know

That you and I have cried

Even though your words

They sometimes cut me like a knife

I feel that I will see you in a joyful afterlife

I’ll meet you there, my darling

With the absence of all sin

And maybe then my love, we will begin again

Maybe then my love, we will begin again.

Lover’s Touch

A walk in the woods, he holds my hand

I crave his touch, my lover man

He whispers things that drive me wild

I feel like I would have his child

His rugged self sleeps next to me

I sleep well, sleep peacefully

The feel of him I love the most

Skin to skin, warm as toast

Sweet dreams I have when he is near

I sleep well, without fear

Before the dawn of each new day

Quietly he slips away

I awake and he’s not there

He’s nearby and I know where

He isn’t gone, I see him smile

He just got up for a little while

Oh sun, just set on me tonight

In my lover’s arms and I’ll be all right.