Moody Red

If I didn’t have a place to be

I’d have stayed upon my bed

If I didn’t have to go to work

I wouldn’t lift my head

I’d stay here all day long

And call it Moody Red

Rain upon the window

Pain upon my heart

The days that I remember you

And how we fell apart

The place to be is here in bed

The state of mind is Moody Red

Tired and lonely, and yet

Longing too…

Longing for the likes of you

You in my dream, it’s you in my head

Can’t stay too long in Moody Red

Morning comes, the sun will rise

I’ll have to get up

I’ll open my eyes

I’ll put my feet o’er the side of the bed

And shake if off

That Moody Red

There Is A Man Who Tells Me

There’s a man who tells me –


The birds are singing just for you

He tells me that his love is true


There beside him on the bed

Upon his shoulder rests my head


He pulls me close and holds me tight

With him I feel my world is right


I can say that I would love him so

But there are things he’ll never know


Letting go of a darker past

Wanting love that just might last


In this moment, I quietly sigh

I get a feeling like I’m high


There’s a man who tells me –


That I’m no longer all alone

We spend hours on the phone


There’s a man who tells me –


That he dreams of me every night

This is the love for which he’d fight


And now I miss him very much

I miss the warmth of his touch


In all our plans, together we walk

How I enjoy the times we talk!


Should I believe him? Do I dare?

Believe that he would really care?


Yes, By George, I’ll take the leap!

This is the man I plan to keep!


Bless me Lord, I’m such a fool –

Flunking out of Heartache School


There is a man who tells me –

“You are my woman now.”

Just For A Moment

I wake up slowly

In the darkest dawn

And for just a moment

I forget he’s gone

For just a moment

I feel him there

For just a moment

He is I swear

Alas, the sun is upon my face

The sun has risen, begin the race

Alas, I know he was never there

I was always alone

And he never did care

But just for a moment

It seemed I was home

Just for a moment I wasn’t alone

I was safe in his arms

How I wished it would be

Me loving him and him loving me

But it wasn’t and it isn’t

And I’m off to work

Glad I’m not married

To some stupid jerk

Nice Day To Be Free

It’s a nice day to be free from you

Telling me what to do

I feel the breeze

I can do as I please

It’s a nice day to be free from you

Telling me what to do

To remember that there is no ‘us’

What ever it was

It’s so over and done

And nobody won

That’s just the way it was

It had to be because

There is no ‘we’

I’m so glad to be free!

Whose Bubble?

Whose bubble was really burst?

Whose heart got broken the worst?

Who laid down and cried,

Practically died…

Whose demons were most haunting?

Whose struggles the most daunting?

It was you, it was me –

It was me, it was you –

Because of all those women you knew

More than one, more than two

It was quite a damn few!

But none of them,

None of them, ever knew

Whose bubble was really burst?

Whose heart got broken the worst?

Go There

He’s a ‘go there’ kind of guy

He won’t call you on the phone

He knows that you’ve been sitting

Sitting there alone

He’s coming now to see you

Gonna to sit with you a while

You know you’re gonna love him

You love to see his smile

You let him take you for a ride

And when you lay there by his side

Tender sweet, the two are one

This is more than just for fun

Sometime you’ll have to leave him

You know that day will come

You know you’re going to miss him

You’re going to miss him some

If there’s something you would tell him

Don’t call him on the phone

You know that he’s been sitting

Sitting there alone

Go on now and see him

Go sit with him a while

You know he’s gonna to love you

He loves to see your smile

Be Gone

One night when I was sleeping

There upon my bed

I dreamed I heard you knocking

I felt your palm upon my head

I kicked my feet

Threw the covers back

Oh no you don’t

Get outta here Jack!

For all that’s been

And all you’ve done

Really Luv,

It wasn’t fun

Leave my dreams

Don’t linger near

I do not want you

Don’t want you here

In my sleep, and on my mind

Into my dreams where I can’t find

The real love that would really be true

The one, my dear, that isn’t you

Go be with her, and her, and her

It’s as though you and I –

We never were

You’re just a dream

To make me believe

That you, old chum

Would never leave….

Be gone.

Give It Back!

I’m a hard lovin’ woman

But it ain’t like that –

You stole my heart

Give it back!


You stole my heart

Give it back to me

Oh, how I begged!

Down on one knee


Oh god, did I beg

Hanging on to your leg

Wanting your heart

You tore mine apart


But it ain’t like that

Give it back!

What you stole from me

So I can be free


I’m a hard lovin’ woman

But it ain’t like that

Give it back!

Give it back!

Had To

Urban cowboy

Dancin’ cowboy

Made you forget your own name

Dancin’ cowboy

Handsome cowboy

You are in his game

Don’t forget your own name!

Write your story

Have your glory

Listen to that song

What ever was it after all

That kept on going wrong…

Ah, who knows, and who really cares?

Who cares anymore

Just shut that door

Had to

Had to

Had to

Walking Shoes

I’m so heartbroken over you

Might never really be whole

I don’t know how you got to me

So thoroughly into my soul


If only I hadn’t listened

To all those things that you said

If only I hadn’t let you

Get so inside my head


Muddle through the day

But what’s a lady to do?!

Wander around so lost

Can’t quite get over you


Have to get up and out

Put on my walking shoes

Get on with life anyway

Work on changing my views